Conservative treatment of ameloblastoma in mandible: case report

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Edition V05N03 | Year 2019 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 45 to 50

Camila Lopes Gonçalves, Felipe Eduardo Baires Campos, Luiz Felipe Cardoso Lehman, Roberta Rayra Martins Chaves, Flávia Leite Lima e Wagner Henriques De Castro.

Ameloblastomas are slow-growing benign odontogenic tumors, locally invasive, that can reach varied proportions according to the time of evolution. The treatment of ameloblastomas has been controversial among surgeons. A patient with ameloblastoma in the mandible, treated by resection with conservative safety margin and of adjuvant therapies. After 4 years of follow-up without recurrence, the surgical defect reconstruction was performed by means of autogenous free graft from iliac crest and implant-supported dental prosthesis. After 9 years of follow up, the patient has no signs of recurrence and no esthetic and functional changes.

Ameloblastoma, Mandibular reconstruction, Mouth rehabilitation, Conservative treatment,

Gonçalves CL, Campos FEB, Lehman LFC, Chaves RRM, Lima FL, Castro WH. Conservative treatment of ameloblastoma in mandible: case report. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillo-fac Surg. 2019 Sept-Dec;5(3):45-50.

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