Mandibular multicystic ameloblastoma: case report and 10-year follow up

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Edition V05N02 | Year 2019 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 51 to 57

Matheus Spinella de Almeida, Arthur Berny Castellano, André Luis Chiodi Bim, Luiz Henrique Godói Marola, José Nazareno Gil, Jonathas Daniel Paggi Claus

Ameloblastomas are local invasive benign tumors that demand complex and multidisciplinary treatment, mainly due to the possibility of its expansion and resorption of adjacent structures. Following diagnosis, some questions about treatment longevity and success should be highlighted. As recurrence is an important concern, the type and timing of the graft are major decisions, and it must be decided in agreement with the patient, taking some factors in consideration: tumor dimensions and localization, anatomical characteristics and health conditions of the patient, and professional experience. The present article reports a case of a female patient with volume increase in posterior left mandible, diagnosed as multicystic ameloblastoma, submitted to a surgical sequence, from biopsy to esthetic and functional rehabilitation with dental implants and prosthesis. Actually the patient is in clinical and radiographic follow-up of 10 years, with maintenance of graft and implant stability, and no signs of recurrence. The events chronology and the complications faced in this particularly case allow a relevant discussion regarding treatment sequence, reconstruction options and rehabilitation.

Ameloblastoma, Jaw neoplasms, Dental implants, Bone transplantation,

Almeida MS, Castellano AB, Bim ALC, Marola LHG, Gil JN, Claus JDP. Mandibular multicystic ameloblastoma: case report and 10-year follow up. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 22019 May-Aug;5(2):51-7. DOI:

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