Accuracy and cutting efficiency of surgical burs on crown sections

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Edition V05N02 | Year 2019 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 36 to 43

Patrícia Vittor de Souza, Francielle Silvestre Verner, Rodrigo Furtado de Carvalho, Thaís Cachuté Paradella, Jaiane Bandoli Monteiro, Maria da Graça Naclério Homem, Matheus Furtado de Carvalho

Introduction: Manufacturers of surgical burs do not provide information about the lifetime of these materials, making it difficult for the dentist to choose the most efficient burs. Objective: To compare the accuracy and the cutting efficiency of two types of tungsten carbide burs in mandibular third molar crown sections. Methods: Half of the twenty homologous teeth were sectioned with a Zecrya bur, whereas a Talon 12 Surg bur was used in the contralateral teeth. The accuracy and the cutting efficiency were analyzed through the section thickness and the wear on the bur tip. The results were compared with 1-way ANOVA and Tukey test, with a significance level of 0.05. Results: The two burs suffered a reduction on their area after twenty cuts. However, on the stereomicroscopy examination, the Talon 12 Surg suffered a large deformation after the twentieth cut and a significant wear at its active tip (p <0.05) observed at the scanning electron microscopy examination; the same intensity of damage was not observed in the Zecrya bur. Conclusions: The Zecrya and Talon 12 Surg burs have durability for twenty dental sections. However, Zecrya presented higher cutting accuracy and less wear than Talon 12 Surg. Tungsten, Molar, third, Tooth wear,

Souza PV, Verner FS, Carvalho RF, Paradella TC, Monteiro JB, Homem MGN, Carvalho MF. Accuracy and cutting efficiency of surgical burs on crown sections. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2019 May-Aug;5(2):36-43. DOI:

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