Orbital blowout fracture: case report

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Edition V04N03 | Year 2018 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 60 to 64

Silvia Provasi, Douglas Baitelo Marinho, Stephanie Anasenko Correa Borges, Walter Paulesini Junior, Gabriel Baitelo Marinho

The orbit is a short structure of the face really important, not only esthetically but also functionally, which is highly involved in facial trauma. This study presents a report of a patient traumatized by a physical aggression in the orbital region, presenting a blowout type fracture, which was proposed surgical correction of orbital fracture. Then a reduction of the fracture by internal fixation and titanium mesh adaptation was performed. The procedure achieved success in relation to the complaint of diplopia due to clearing the eye muscles that wore stucked before, and resorption of fat retained in the maxillary sinus due to trauma. Thus, in this case the rehabilitation procedure of traumatized structures was essential for recovering the ocular function of the patient.

Fracture fixation, Orbit, Diplopia, Aggression,

Provasi S, Marinho DB, Borges SAC, Paulesini Junior W, Marinho GB. Orbital blowout fracture: case report. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2018 Sept-Dec;4(3):60-4. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2358-2782.4.3.060-064.oar

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