Epidemiological survey of face trauma in a public hospital in Vitória/ES (Brazil)

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Edition V04N03 | Year 2018 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 42 to 47

Gabriela Mayrink, Natália Gonçalves Amaral Avila, Jessika Barcelos Belonia

Introduction: Facial trauma can be considered one of the worst injuries found in public hospitals, due to its emotional and functional repercussions, the possibility of deformity and dissatisfaction with aesthetics, work withdrawal and the economic impact they cause in the public health system. Methods: The present retrospective epidemiological study was performed by the analysis of medical records of patients attended due to trauma, at the surgical center of the Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology department of a public hospital in Vitoria/ES, Brazil, in the period of September 2014 to September 2016. Results: In the trauma analysis, of the 355 medical records analyzed, 82% were male and 18% female. Most were young, between 20 and 29 years of age. Of all facial fractures, mandible was more frequent (37.7%), and the major cause of facial trauma was trac accidents (37.7%), followed by interpersonal violence (33.5%), fall (14.9%), sports accident (7%), work accident (2.3%), unknown (3.7%) and iatrogenic (0.8%). Conclusion: Data from this study show the need for information for the population and educational campaigns leading to prevention of facial trauma.

Trauma centers, Facial injuries, Health services research,

Mayrink G, Avila NGA, Belonia JB. Epidemiological survey of face trauma in a public hospital in Vitória/ES (Brazil). J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2018 Sept-Dec;4(3):42-7. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2358-2782.4.3.042-047.oar

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