Alveolar crest expansion for dental implant insertion: case report

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Edition V04N02 | Year 2018 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 59 to 63

Tárcio Hiroshi Ishimine Skiba, Salomão Alves Barbosa, Marcus Zorzimo Moreira, Bruno Costa Martins De Sá, Cláudio Ferreira Nóia

One of the great challenges of modern dentistry is the installation of dental implants in regions with insufficient bone tissue. In this sense, techniques such as the Split Crest were developed, which consists of a longitudinal osteotomy in the alveolar crest, allowing the expansion of the bone plates and allowing the installation of implants with sufficient surrounding bone. The aim of the present study was to report the clinical case of a patient who sought rehabilitation of the anterosuperior region with dental implants, but whose clinical and radiographic evaluations showed atrophy of the alveolar ridge. The patient was guided and submitted to treatment with alveolar ridge expansion using rotational expanders associated with the immediate placement of the implants in the region corresponding to elements #12 and #21, with subsequent placement of a fixed partial denture with four elements over implants. The alveolar ridge expansion technique proved to be simple and reliable, despite the risks of fracture of the buccal bone plate and excessive vestibularization of the implants

Dental implants, Osteotomy, Bone development,

Skiba THI, Barbosa SA, Moreira MZ, Sá BCM, Nóia CF. Alveolar crest expansion for dental implant insertion: case report. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2018 May-Aug;4(2):59-63. DOI:

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