Atrophic maxilla reconstruction: case report

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Edition V04N01 | Year 2018 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 53 to 59

Vitor José Da Fonseca, Aécio Abner Campos Pinto Junior, Joanna Farias Da Cunha, Luiz Felipe Cardoso Lehman, Felipe Eduardo Baires Campos, Wagner Henriques De Castro

The objective of this article was to report and analyze the sequence of surgical and prosthetic events used in the rehabilitation of an edentulous patient with severe atrophy of the alveolar bone of the maxilla. The patient was submitted to multiple procedures aiming the rehabilitation of severely atrophic maxilla. Treatment plan included three surgical procedures: maxillary reconstruction with anterior iliac bone autograft; maxillary dental implants placement for the fixation of a decompensated upper prosthesis; maxillary advancement by means of Le Fort I osteotomy. Planning and treatment were successfully performed and the patient presents herself satisfied and without complaints. Implant-supported rehabilitation of edentulous patients, with large maxillo- mandibular skeletal discrepancies is a challenge for buco-maxillofacial surgeons and prosthetic dentist. The correct sequence of surgical-prosthetic procedures indicated in each case is related to the success of the treatment.

Mouth rehabilitation, Orthognathic aurgery, Alveolar bone loss,

Fonseca VJ, Pinto Junior AAC, Cunha JF, Lehman LFC, Campos FEB, Castro WH. Atrophic maxilla reconstruction: case report. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2018 jan-abr;4(1):53-9. DOI:

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