Oroantral fistula treatment using palatal flap

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Edition V03N01 | Year 2017 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 36 to 39

Gustavo Boehmer Leite, João Manoel De Souza Mota, Gustavo Gomes Nardone Rodrigues, Wagner Hespanhol, Maria Aparecida De Albuquerque Cavalcante

The objective of the present paper was to describe the application of a cleft palate repair technique in an oroantral communication treatment. A patient from an Oral Surgery department presented oroantral fistula in the midline palate after removal of a cystic lesion. The oroantral communication was closed using a modified palatal flap rotation. The use of this technique proved to be an effective treatment for this type of pathology.

Frontal sinus, Sinusitis, Oroantral fistula,

Leite GB, Mota JMS, Rodrigues GGN, Hespanhol W, Cavalcante MAA. Tratamento de fístula bucossinusal com retalho palatino lateral. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2017 jan-abr;3(1):36-9. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2358-2782.3.1.036-039.oar

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