Surgical treatment of central giant cell lesions

Admin Dental Press

Edition V03N01 | Year 2017 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 25 to 29

André Luis Bim, Matheus Spinella, Carlos Eduardo De Souza, Liliane J, Grando, José Nazareno Gil

The aggressive central giant cell granuloma is an neoplasm with unknown origin, which affects the jaws. The diagnosis is based on routine exams as uni or multiocular lesion. It can be associated to syndromes and endocrine changes. It is classified as aggressive and non-aggressive, based on clinic and radiographic features. The treatment can be pharmacologic or surgical, based on features like size, localization and behavior.

Giant cell, Neoplasm, Tumor,

Bim AL, Spinella M, Souza CE, Grando LJ, Gil JN. Tratamento cirúrgico de lesão central de células gigantes. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2017 jan-abr;3(1):25-9. DOI:

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