Bilateral eminectomy for resolution of recurrent condylar dislocation

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Edition V02N03 | Year 2016 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 47 to 51

Tila Fortuna, Deyvid Silva Rebouças, Joaquim Marques Neto, Milena Couto, Antônio Márcio Teixeira Marchionni, Adriano Freitas De Assis

Objective: This paper aims to report the case of an epileptic patient presenting bilateral fractured mini-plates in articular eminences, that was submitted to bilateral eminectomy as a permanent treatment. Methods: Fractured miniplates were removed as well as the screws, and the ostectomies and osteoplasty in articular eminence region on both sides was performed. Results: Patient did not present any dislocation episode since the surgical procedure and exhibit satisfactory mouth opening. Conclusion: Bilateral eminectomy preserves the mandibular movements, dispensing the use of alloplastic grafts, plates or sclerosing substances. This has proved to be an effective technique in resolving chronic displacement cases, and an effective procedure in cases of recurrence.

Mandibular condyle, Temporomandibular joint disorders, Temporomandibular joint,

Fortuna T, Rebouças DS, Marques Neto J, Couto M, Marchionni AMT, Assis AF. Eminectomia bilateral para resolução de deslocamento condilar recorrente. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2016 set-dez;2(3):47-51. DOI:

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