Informed consent: a possible reality

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Edition V02N03 | Year 2016 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 32 to 38

Fabiano Maluf, Flávio Nader Gross De Araújo, João Geraldo Bugarin Júnior

Objective: Bioethics, as practical and applied ethics, has gradually contributed with Dentistry working field. Methods: The search for ethical basis has led dentists to seek guidance in bioethics for their professional activities. Results: The concern with a healthy professional-patient relationship deserves to be highlighted, in which the respect for patient’s autonomy, in detriment to paternalistic and asymmetric attitudes, has been increasing valued. Conclusion: This article presented an Informed Consent model in Surgery field that may be used both in public and private scopes.

Personal autonomy, Informed consent, Bioethics, Dentistry,

Maluf F, Araújo FNG, Bugarin Júnior JG. Termo de Consentimento Livre e Esclarecido: uma realidade possível. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2016 set-dez;2(3):32-8. DOI:

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