Transposition of mental nerve associating piezosurgery and phototherapy

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Edition V01N03 | Year 2015 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 61 to 69

Adriana Cristina Nunes De Castro, Ana Claudia Brison, Renata Amadei Nicolau, Pedro Sérgio De Melo Guimarães, Luis Ronaldo Picosse

This retrospective clinical study presents the results achieved with piezosurgery, applied to the transposition of the mental nerve (TNM), associated with phototherapy to reduce hyperalgesia in an elderly denture patient. TNM surgical procedure was proposed to improve hyperalgesia caused by involution of the alveolar bone and superficialization of the neurovascular bundle by employing osteotomy with piezoelectric system and postoperative phototherapy. The patient received applications of LED (GaAlAs, 640 ± 20 nm, 0.1 W, 20 s, 2 J) for 30 min and 48 h after surgery, due to bilateral paresthesia of the mental region. Beginning on the fifth postoperative day, the patient was subject to weekly laser therapy (GaAlAs, 795 nm, 0.1 W, 40 s, 4 J). Phototherapy was employed to control the inflammatory process (2 J, LED) and stimulate tissue repair (4 J, laser). Two months after surgery, the patient was painfree and with minimal unilateral paresthesia (<5%). The association of piezosurgery with phototherapy was effective in the transposition of the mental nerve. There was reduction of pain, fast neuronal repair with reduction of postoperative paresthesia, improved quality of life, with increased ability for eating, social interaction, and motivation for the patient treated. Piezosurgery, Low-level laser therapy, Nerve regeneration,

Castro ACN, Brison AC, Nicolau RA, Guimarães PSM, Picosse LR. Transposição do nervo mentual associando piezocirurgia e fototerapia. J Braz Coll Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2015 set-dez;1(3):61-9. DOI:

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